Wednesday, March 23, 2016

titles are bourgeoisie propaganda, so is narrative structure. the villain is the author's self-esteem

Oh how wonderful one could be with this.
Perhaps I'm actually not even typing.
Look at me. 
Look Mom, No Eyes
No Eyes
No Eyes Mom

Once I actually  manage  to get there.
It will be too late.
It started at home.
Home, heart, be?
Future perhaps.

Oh, woe is me
Woe is the Seraph
The Seraph

His Axe, His Gun
His Axe-Shotgun
His Wings
His Tablet of Wisdom

A Video? 
Is that even possible.
To fear a video?

VHS Tapes are absolute.
Where is the internet bug?

Where are the fears of yesteryear today?

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